Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Today, I took some pictures of my new girl for this blog. Her name is Hallie.
She loves Butterflies. She makes a great person for my blog, don't you think? She is an American
Girl doll. She's cute. I thought she would make a
good doll for this blog.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Today, I took a few pictures of the stuff around the neighborhood!
I took a few pictures of some flowers, statues, and more! We saw this
big flock of ravens that were circling the sky. I wanted to take a picture of them,
but when I did, they didn't show up. Maybe if you clicked the picture, you would
see them. Barbie's new movie is coming out in 2 days! It's called
Barbie as the Island Princess. I can't wait! I went to Barbie's website and played
the games for the new movie. I got a new doll house! But you will be able to see
it tomorrow.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hi! My cat Whyndam would like to post on this blog, so I'm giving him a chance to write
on my blog! Here is his post:

Hi! Rozzi took some pictures of the neighbor hood and she's helping me post on her blog!!!!
She took a picture of a dog(first picture), and a whole
bunch of others! I think she did a good job on her blog, didn't she?
I figured out how to make a mouse on the computer: <: I love these pictures. I love Rozzilyn better! Now that I have learned how to write on the computer, I am tired. I will post to you again! Whyndam.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I got this Barbie guide book from my Aunt Sadie. It tells you all about the Barbie dolls from
1959-2000. It has dolls like the first Barbie, Ken, Midge, Allan, Skipper, Ricky, Scooter and
Solo in the Spotlight! It shows this Barbie doll house that I love. It has a real working elevator,
a bath that really holds water and bubbles, and it's two stories high! This guide also comes with
a Cooking Magic kitchen that might go with my Barbie fold out doll house. It shows Barbie dolls
clothes too! It also tells you when everybody was made! Barbie was made in 1959, Skipper was
made in 1964, Francie was made in 1966-76, Tutti was made in 1966-71, Todd was made in
1966-68, Krissy was made in 1999, Kelly was made in 1959, Stacie was made in 1992, Ken was
made in 1961, and Midge was made in 1963. My Barbie dolls commented on this blog:
"I was very cute in 1959,"
"I was cute too, but Francie was a cu-t-pie!"
"I liked Barbie when she was a teenager. She was cute,"
"haulagtlt7ytp48 tbvp98 y tp8bvyp9t8y 9typ8t 9t6pt8qlt6ltq67lt7e6tt;t6qltu756tlq6tl..."
I better go. Post to you tomorrow!

Monday, September 03, 2007

And now, I would like to introduce my Barbie dolls!
There's Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, Kelly, Krissy, Ken and Tommy!
I have this Barbie doll house that looks like a suit case and when you open it up, Barbie can
have her own house! There's a lamp that really lights up! And the cupboard turns into
a bed.............and a bathtub! The TV can open up and Barbie's phone and jewelery box
comes up! There's a living room where Ken, Skipper and Stacie can have a long chat and
watch TV. And then there's space where Skipper can exercise. Kelly is happy and ready to
play with Tommy. Stacie has fun with her friends(not shown in pictures). And Barbie is
talking with Ken. I want to be a Barbie dealer someday. Anyway, Barbie and her sisters
wanted to add a few lines:
"I love this blog. Pink is my favorite color!!!!!"
"I love the post about the Barbie of Swan lake ornaments. My sister
is really famous!"
"Stacie here. I like the name of the blog. Blue-eyed-daisy,"
"hkurhgo87qtyuigh7y874huyt74o7ty7tqo8t7ytiyo 7tyoytouigyoq87rto87ryto87yto7,"

"Krissy isn't old enough to write yet! For now, I, Skipper shall write for Krissy!"
"Barbie likes this blog as much as I do!"
Well, that's all for now. Post to you tomorrow!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Now it's time for me to introduce you to the Hoo family. This is their house. We see Anthony
Hoo, Juliet Hoo, Jane Hoo, Billy Hoo, and Lola Hoo. Jane is on her bed, reading an American Girl
Book. Lola is napping. Billy is playing. Mr. and Mrs. Hoo are watching TV.

This is Billy. I made the whole Hoo family. I also made this toy that Billy's holding. The upper picture is Jane Hoo reading. Above Jane is her little sister Lola. Lola is the same color as
Jane because they were both born in the same year. Although Jane is 12 and Lola is 2 months
old. And then there's Mr. and Mrs. Hoo. They are the parents of course! And they also have a
TV. They have a dinning table with a tea cup. But they are not vegetarians. They eat mice.
The poor mice! Well, that's the end. The Hoo family really enjoyed your visit.