Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Last week we added a few new additions to the household. In fact, there are three of them: 1. A new curtain in my room; 2. A new doorknob for my door; and, 3. A new remote control for the TV.

Actually, the curtain isn't really a curtain. It's just a quilt top hooked to curtain rings. The last three curtains that we got didn't quite fit in the window, and we were using this one for a while, so we decided to get some curtain rings, and voila!

On Saturday me and Keli went to True Value and got a doorknob. My last one broke off, sadly, shortly after we got Takai. If you push on the door, it will push open, but it stays shut.

And since our old remote's buttons were falling out, a friend gave us a new remote. It was easy to install; just hold a few buttons, push in a code listed for the type of TV you own, and then you have a modern remote!

And this is our old remote.

I apologize, the picture of the new curtain was accidentally deleted.

Friday, May 21, 2010

This is a "Magic Box". Why is it so magic? Well, there's a little slot at the top of the box. you slip a coin in there, and for some reason, it doesn't show the coin dropping in! I found it while thrifting this morning and wanted to get it.

They don't go for much money on ebay, and I don't really know where there are any else. But, it's a good thing I nabbed it before some other germy kid got it!

And speaking of germy, I was sick at the beginning of the week. I had a sore throat, and a runny nose, which dripped like a waterfall. I'm all better now, but, boy was I miserable!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

This is a Travel Journey Clear Stamps set from
my art supplies suitcase. It's a new concept, ladies and gentlemen! This is a stamp set that you can stick to the back of acrylic blocks, press in ink, and put on any art project you wish. I haven't used them yet, as you can tell, but I wanted to take a picture of them before I opened the packaging.

On the back it has the "How-to-use-clear-stamps" instructions:

How to Use Clear Stamps:

  • Separate the stamps: Follow the pre-cut lines to break apart the stamps then remove from the backing sheet.
  • Mount a clear stamp block: Clear stamps cling to acrylic blocks.
  • Ink the stamp: Tap the stamp on the ink pad until the raised part of the stamp is covered in ink. Do not rub the stamp on the pad.
  • Stamp the image: Press the stamp firmly on the paper or stamping surface. Do not rock or wiggle the stamp as this will cause blurring.[Stop telling me what to do, instructions!]
  • Clean the stamp: Peel the stamp from the block and swish in a bowl with warm water and detergent. Towel dry.
  • Add color to the stamped image: Once the ink has dried, fill in the stamped image with markers, color pencils, watercolors or chalk.

And, as always, there are some helpful tips:

Helpful Tips:
  • If you find that getting a small stamp to stick to the acrylic block is difficult, apply a small piece of double sided tape to the stamp then mount on the block.
  • If your ink is beading on the raised surface of your stamp, try gently standing the image with a nail file to reduce the slickness of the raised surface.
  • Save the index sheet and place clean, dry stamps on top of matching image, then return to package for easy storage.
Clap. Clap. Clap.

Sad news is, I don't have any acrylic blocks. I don't have the darndest idea what they look like. When I first read the instructions and they first mentioned them, I immediately thought of letter blocks... like the ones from Sesame Street. Too bad I can't stick them to my fingers(they're not acrylic!!!).

Maybe I'll put them on a travel journal(when I get blocks, that is).

Saturday, May 08, 2010

This is the new addition to the family, Tuxedo. We rescued her a month ago from our back yard. She is black and white, with yellow eyes, and white feet.

She and Takai would probably make good friends if they weren't so mean to each other. Tuxy crouches and growls at her, and Takai runs back into mom's room.

Mom says that she reminds her of Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service.

This would definitely be Takai and Tuxedo if they got along.