Friday, August 31, 2007

So I made another picture that was clear of Kate's room. Above, there is a picture of
Connie singing a song to the cats in Connie's room. And I took two pictures of Michael
and Chelsie. They are in the playing room.

Sorry the picture is all blurry. Anyway, this is little Kate's room. We see Kate(right), and
cousin Leslie(left). Kate and Leslie are playing Goldy Locks and the three bears.

This is where the Loving family listens to the radio! Some of them get too lazy to get to the TV.
We see Aunt Courtney(right), and Uncle Don(middle), with his baby, Ben. I like the blue chair.
And the pink tile!

This is the Loving Family's kitchen! I have to tell you that the Loving family has a neat house!
In the middle of the kitchen there is Nikki. On the chair is Marie. And they have some dogs!
Nikki loves her home.

The tour continues

This is the Loving family's bath room!
It has a toilet, a sink, a bath tub and a toilet for
the little kids. The cupboard opens and has all
of the Loving family's medicine. The floor is
purple tile. Way to go, Loving Family!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

A Tour of the Loving Family's House

Welcome to the Loving Family's House!
We hope you will like meeting the people
of Loving Ville.
This is the family room. With the Maid(left),
Uncle Phil(next to Gramma), and Gramma(right). The Maid is busy at work. Uncle Phil is watching sports. And Gramma is talking to
the Maid. The Mail Man is coming through the
door. "Package!"he says. The baby's chair is in
the family room too. A PURPLE door? How
strange. I have never seen a purple door.

Continued Tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Guess what? I finally got to download pictures
to my blog! Now I can take pictures and take
a tour of the Loving Family's house(coming
soon)! So I took a picture of Rusty(right) and
Aunt Sadie(left). We met at the ThaiFoon
restaurant and ordered some Thai food.
We went to eat it at Sharlot Hall. I entertained
myself climbing in a tree and looking at the fish
in the pond. There was a new fish in the pond.
My doll, Meridith, thought it was a shark.
I said "It's not a shark." So we went home and
Sadie drove her car to our house. I played a
tourist and showed Rusty the house. Mom went to our neighbor's house when I showed Rusty the backyard. Sadie came with us. So I made a
cake out of sand that I found. I got a cloth and put it on my arm like all waiters do. I went over
to where Rusty and Sadie were sitting. I said "Welcome to Peak cafe. What may I get
you on the menu?""I'd like some mint tea," said Rusty. "Would you like a cake too?" I
asked. "Okay,"Sadie said. So I got the cake and put it on the table. "Sheet cake for the
happy couple,"I said. Before leaving I said"Macintosh." They cracked up. I made them
another cake. "Our special. Sleep cake,"I said. "It is full of sleep pills." Rusty laughed.
I got them more cakes. One was an Onion Log. I put a sunflower head on it. I dropped
it a couple times. When they got inside, I made a table for them. "Your table is waiting,"
I said. I put a flower on the two TV trays that I hooked together. When they were done,
I gave them a check that I made them. "That will be $7.89,"I said. If you look in Rusty's
hand in the picture, you will see the check.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What's been happening so far? I am glad the estate sale is over. They were just 6 days. It wasn't
that bad. I helped with some of the sale at the house. I have been doing all right. Mom makes money by doing estate sales(she also does Ebay.).
I hope mom makes it through the day! She had a head-
ache yesterday. And GG had to come and make my
lunch! Kelly came and helped with Ebay. But we had to
send a saddle to Louisiana. So we went to FedEx kinko's
and there was a golf set there. There were three golf clubs
and a bunch of soft golf balls. There was some sod on the ground
and a hole where the ball goes in. I was playing with it while Kelly
was paying for the saddle. I loved it. I have played miniature golf
before. So I know pretty much about golf. It is a good
And it's fun! I love all the little houses and castles they
have. I have to go. See you later!