Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mom's having an estate sale so I get to go to GG's house while she's gone.
Mom burnt the beans the day before. Smoke was every where! Some of
my toys got ill from breathing the smoke. But we sure didn't burn the house
down. Gee, I thought, I hope this won't happen again! And the creek!
It was really running that day! And the dirt roads were flushed with rocks and dirt!
It was exciting! I'd better go. See you later!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I watched Miss Potter last night with mom. It was really good. There was Peter Rabbit, Jemima
Puddle Duck, Jeremy Fisher, Benjamin Bunny, Two Bad Mice and Mrs.Tiggywinkle. I must tell you, she had a talent for drawing. She drew all sorts of animals. She went to the Lake District in the summer. I just got a Peter Rabbit baby food dish and cup today. She was really neat. I'd better go. See you later!

Miss Potter

Thursday, July 26, 2007

You would not believe this. Me and mom went on a hike yesterday at Granite Basin Lake. We had just started when we heard some thunder. I'm like "What do you think we should do?" Mom said to just wait. Then it started to rain. We got under a tree and watched for a long
time. "Okay," said mom. "Lets go." So off we went. It didn't rain much. And this is me in this
picture. Hiding from the thunder. It's not so
scary but it usually is. The movie was great. When we got out of the theater, it was raining.
I have to go. See you later!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

So.........what's up? I was out walking with my Aunt Sadie and my Mom. The exciting thing is....I brought my scooter with me! Today I go to the summer movie program. Today's movie is Nanny McPhee.
Well, I'd better go. See you later!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

So.......what's been happening? I went to the Pottery Paintin' Place with my neighbor, Erin and Kate. I painted a cellphone holder that was a shoe! I have a play house in my back yard and it doesn't have any walls! Just a ceiling and some boards! We have a shed in the back yard so I am moving in the shed. I already have some boxes of stuff for the play house. So that is exciting!
I have a ladder for a shelf but I won't be taking that. I have a bath tub and a stove and a table and chalk board. Kelly told me that I could hang the chalk board somewhere in the shed. My imaginary Friend, Harry, will like it too.(He also has a mom, dad, uncle, cousin and sister living with me.) Kate loves to play in my play house. But there will be no mud in my new play house! My new play house has a water drain so when I spill water, it goes in there! I love the new play house but behind it has dry hay and weeds! My new play house also has a window to look out of and a heater! We don't know if it works, but I saw a pipe on the right side of the shed. I better go. See you later!!!!!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

It felt like it was REALLY going to rain today. But instead we had thunder and lighting. I have a new design sketch book!(I promise that a picture will show up someday!!) It has Fashion Design Croquis Sheets, Mini Colored Pencils, Mini Markers, Mini Eraser, Mini Sharpener and Fashion Design Style Guide Book!!!!!!!! I love this book. In other words, adults can like it too! I have been creating new styles for a day now! So that's pretty exciting!! Right now, my mom is making dinner.
I have to go. See you later!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Three more mice said.....
"Hello! So, this I must tell you is one of the greatest blogs I have seen. Your stuff is sooooooooo cute!!!
Everyone in my mousehold wants to meet you!!!!!!!!!!" -Carrie Sara
"Kudos to Roz. I never thought this blog was my fave color too!!!!!!!!!"
-Seara Knotts
"I LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!" -

Friday, July 20, 2007

This is mice talk internet news
Some of the mice said.............
"We love to be here with you, but you're too big to fit in our mousehold!!!!!!!!!!"
-Annie Mouse
"I am a wife, who has fourteen kids and a husband who's a rat and doesn't even care if I don't have any work done! And
my kids!!!!!!!!!!!! They don't even listen to me!!!!!!!!!!!! The disobey! They do anything!
-Coral Munchy
"I have been in a movie before so I ask myself, 'When is there going to be a seqle?'. My son still has humonua. But that's
alright," -Mrs.Johnathen Brisby
"I am sooooooooooooooooo tierd!!! I have been with the baby allllllllll day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's gotta be more in life than a simple
18 month old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Carrie Song
"O.k. I have a mouse extermenater inshurance co. and my son got killed yesterday. And I called them. But they never called
back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gotta remember the number: 1-800-no-kill," -Dawna Mawna

"We haven't done a movie in a lone time!!!!" -Beanca and Bernard
"This is one of the greatest blogs. Thank you Emma for telling me about it," -Sara Duncan
BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY HUSBAND THINKS I SHOULD GO AND GET HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"I appreacheate the blender that that you gave me, Seara. But my kids think I need to go and get another one,"
"Something has gone wrong. My kids are disobeying mousehold rules. I don't know if I should call someone to see them
or just call dial-a-prar." -Shawna Sun
"I am actully working in a sushi shop in down town tokyo. So I know what the mice are trying to say!!!!!!!!!!!"

-Mrs. Saianna
"I was a Croobi writer for a long time, so I figured out how to write in English!!!!!!!!(I was a Croobi writer for a long time, so I figure out how to write in englesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -Mulan Jamie
"I am so happy that this blog is something to look forward to comment on!!!!!!!!!!!
-Sara Edwings(collage theacher)
"We can never tell what letter to type!!!!!!!!!!!" -Three Blind Mice
After you read you can comment to these mice on the comment button by clicking it and write a letter to these

Thursday, July 19, 2007

I'm pretending to have a yarn store! We got a room in the house a little cleaned up and it has lots of yarn and knitting needles!(it has crochet stuff too.) I have been calling it l.y.s(local yarn store)
so it's pretty exciting! I have been busy here, busy there. But I really have been selling much so I am actually surprised! I also have craft books and knitting magazines. Not everything in my store sells, but I am working on it! I have a lot of wool yarn, Cotton yarn , and crochet thread! I never really sell any crochet hooks and a lot of people exchange the yarn and knitting needles but that's o.k. I only have 4 magazines left. But there's no big deal. I am really a good knitter and I can make my own patterns now!
So........Every things o.k. I'd better go. Post to you tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Well, there was only a little bit of rain last night. But I heard this big loud thunder when I was watching a movie. And I remember when It would rain like crazy! Sometimes, it would rain so hard that some of the roads were full of water. I always hear sirens in a thunder storm. Once, there was a big loud thunder and it fried our VCR. Man, I was watching a movie when that happened! They couldn't take the video out. So.......................................................................
I am going to that summer movie program today, so that will be exciting for me. Well, I'd better go. My mom has to call our neighbor to see if they're going to that program. Post to you tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

THE MONSOONS ARE FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But will they come again?????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Wasn't that a great rain storm we had last night? I thought it was great! I thought the electricity
was going to go off!
As every overcast day, we expect some rain. Sometimes we get some. And sometimes we don't.
The monsoons have finally arrived! I was outside with my neighbor, doing a rain dance. Only
a little rain came pouring. If it would only rain for days and days. Sometimes, I see kids out in
the rain singing: rain, rain, go away! Come again another day! BOO! It's all Barney's fault! Why
did Barney have to teach kids to say mean things to the monsoons??!! Children shouldn't be
watching Barney anymore. Have you herd about "Harry and his bucket full of Dinosaurs"?
Well, I watched an episode of Harry and he wanted the rain to stop. Well he went to dinoworld
and there was a fish who needed the rain. So, Harry did a rain dance for the fish. I thought that was nice of Harry! It's really starting to rain now! While I post, I watch the monsoons gather buckets and buckets of water. It wouldn't be good if a bucket fell from the clouds. Especially
if it was one of the care bears! If it was one of the care bears, I would bring it back in the
house for some milk and cookies! Well, I'd better go. Post to you tomorrow!

Monday, July 16, 2007

How's everything? I have been doing alright. So..............................................................................................................I have to go.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

How's it going? I have been sick for a while(again!). Sadie's over here. She made from scratch and brought
DOUGHNUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So.......................................................I'm
waiting for something..................a doughnut! There's not much to post. Gotta go!