Friday, June 04, 2010

Well, last night I finished a new Murphys book. The synopsis is:

Dan's favorite TV advice show,
Psycho Dad[with a show host of the same name], is going off the air(because he gives the same advice over and over again, which is, "Just keep smiling and everything will be okay") and Dan is devastated. He get's so devastated, that he makes his whole family go out to the TV station to protest. But, due to weather conditions, they leave.

Dan and his friends soon locate Psycho Dad in Washington and leave to tell him why he should stay on TV. Psycho comes home, and later on does not give the same old advice that he usually gives because he was inspired by Dan, if you can believe that!

Meanwhile, I sleep with one of the five-year-olds, Harry, because I'm afraid of my closet door; and Nana leaves Harry mysteriously while he's taking his nap because she has to get her "face powder", and turns back not getting home as soon as she expected!

I have been working on it for a month, since I get real busy in life.

And speaking of life, I'm already planning on my Halloween costume for this year, which is going to be EVE from Wall-E.

I'm thinking about getting some whit tights, a small white dress, and a white top to go underneath. And then maybe some blue sunglasses for the eyes because there is no way that I am going to be putting blue head-lights in my eyes. That would be kind of crazy.

Well, at least I'm not going to be this girl.

I am not dieing my hair blonde, I can tell you that much. And I am so not putting purple eye-contacts in my eyes, either!

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