Saturday, September 18, 2010

Roz and Cora checking in to say that there was a control burn over the week...

...and it sucked.

And why did it suck, exactly? Because everyone got sick from the smoke. Allergies kicked up, some had to go home from their jobs, some who lived near by the smoke evacuated immediately.

And I had to get sick, right in the middle of everything!

Oh, don't worry, it wasn't bad; just a sore throat. I'm better now except for the fact that my nose is a water-fall. Cora still has a little bit of a headache(from me dropping her on the floor on Wednesday) but she'd doing fine.

Someone that mom knows said that it was supposed to go on for three months. THREE MONTHS. But it looks like they're ending it right now, 'cause I don't smell any smoke.

And, boy did it smell bad!

Well, no wonder I can't smell anything now... my sinuses are plugged up.

Like I said to mom the other day, "If I sound stuffed up it's because the government is trying to kill me with their control burns."

It's funny because last year I didn't get sick. Well, at least I don't remember being sick last year. I just remember the smell.

Well, me and Coraline are gonna sign off and watch her movie. And do some drawing, too. I need her to get better so she can go golfing with her peeps. She might win a medal this time...!

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